Archive | September, 2006

The New “Garage”

This is the container for all of our worldy goods which don’t necessarily belong onboard the boat (think: tuxedo, Christmas ornaments, power tools, etc…). The Captain has precisely designed an internal storage system, calculated to provide the maximum use of every inch of volume. I’ve never seen such detailed plans for mere shelving, but I have no doubt whatsoever that we will enjoy a level of supreme efficiency unknown to the average trailer owner.

The decision has been made to divide the storage space into thirds: 1/3 for Greg, 1/3 for me, and 1/3 to be shared by the kids. It didn’t take long for the little geniuses in the household to figure out that they would be much better off sub-letting their space to Greg and making a few bucks off of him. (Considering he has an entire garageful of “stuff” to administer, their point is an excellent one; I shall probably follow suit).

Photos of our girl

KJ is a 1952 long range trawler, originally designed to replicate Darwin’s cruise on HMS Beagle to the Galapagos Islands.

She’s been a charter boat to Alaska and has traveled all around the Northwest.
Her refit included new Lugger diesels, new AC/DC wiring and panels, new sanitation system, new plumbing, new Raytheon electronics package, new furnace, and remodeled galley.

She carries 3200 gallons of diesel and burns 8 gph at 9 kts. Areas of hull and topsides are sheathed in Ironbark for additional strength.

The Adventure Begins

And so with the successful survey of our lovely Katherine Jane this past week, the dream of living aboard is looming in the immediate future (alarmingly immediate when I consider all that needs to be done first!). The haulout at Lovric’s Sea-Craft in Anacortes went very smoothly; their rail system handled all 66 tons of KJ without strain. First order of business was completing a full inspection of all of her systems, followed by a new bottom paint job. A couple of days later and we were on our way back to Cap Sante Marina where she is currently berthed. Greg and I are now attending to the final details of the transaction and should be the proud new owners of her no later than September 15th. Wooo-HOOoooo!