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Snow On The Boat!!!

OK, not much yet, barely enough to even stick, really. BUT IT’S STILL SNOW! WoooHoooo! We’ve got Christmas carols playing, a warm boat, and a dockmaster out scattering rock salt on the docks ~ that makes it cozy for sure!

Ode To The Screwball

Just me & S2B being silly the other day.

He’s pretty good at avoiding the camera…but I’m still good at catching him anyway.

His self-portrait.

Thanksgiving Weekend Update

Nothing but good things to report this time! Heater seems to be working now that the Captain added some air intake tubing and a pump to the fuel system. We’re warm, toasty, and enjoying a Sunday afternoon reading books, hanging out together. There’s snow in the forecast tonight
and we’ve got the rock salt ready for the docks.

Had a lovely evening goofing off in Snohomish. Mom & G. Sr. met us there and took us out for dinner, a rather nice kickoff to the holidays. The only downside was that when we went to retrieve the Santa picture we had taken, they had irreversibly lost it. We had already delivered S2B to his father, so were unable to have a retake with the four of us. Having had Santa pics in the same place for years on end, it was a bit disappointing, but we’ll just have to have them done again elsewhere. The bakery was yummy & we found a cool little nook in which to hang out.

Meanwhile, back at the boat, we’ve been fascinated by The Phantom Timber. It’s a 18″ x 18″ x God-knows-how-long huge piece of lumber that’s been lurking about for the last few days. It usually appears down by the railroad bridges. Sometimes it looks to be moving downstream, sometimes it seems as though it’s hung up. We can’t always see it at low tide, but frequently it pops up at high. It’s rarely in the same place, but it’s not heading out of the area either. It’s a little disturbing, as it’s in the general path we take when leaving the dock and it looks to be a formidable opponent for a wooden ship.

Wildlife In Everett

A doe and her two babies were crossing Hwy 529 right in the middle of town this morning & not doing a particularly efficient job of it. I attempted to explain to her that crossing an offramp, a major highway, then changing her mind and going back was NOT good safety practice, but as we’re beginning to discover, my ‘Grizzly Adams communication skillz ‘ need some work.

A Brief Hiatus From The Rain

…followed promptly by more rain. Still, it was nice while it lasted. Getting the last stuff out of the house today so that the painters can paint and the carpet guys can carpet. Then we’re on the market – hurrah! I’m looking forward to not supporting both a water-based and land-based lifestyle. Just give me the water and I’m happy. I made funny noises at the harbor seal yesterday – he was most unimpressed. Gave me a baleful look and disappeared under the surface. Guess I’ll have to work on my animal calls.