Archive | December, 2006

It Wasn’t Anywhere Near This Cute

So after a lovely evening out at the movies, Greg and I were walking down the ramp when a large, black shape runs across the dock in front of us.

J: “Tell me that was just a low-flying bat.”
G: “OK, if that’s what you need to believe.” (accomodating, isn’t he?)
J: “No, really, that WASN’T a rat, was it?”
G: “Hey, I’ll tell you whatever you need to hear.”
J: “But it COULDN’T have been, could it? There aren’t any rats at OUR dock. Just everybody else’s docks, right?”

And so the conversation continued as I struggled through my disbelief that there could possibly be a rodent on MY dock. Next up: baffles on the dock lines!