Archive | April, 2007

To Market, To Market…

Went to the Pike Place Market with my girlfriend Kris this last week in preparation for Girl’s Night dinner. I love this place! Don’t get down there nearly as often as I used to, but it’s a pleasure whenever I do. It was great because we went on a weekday morning – no crowds!

Dock Prowling

The Captain and I spent another Date Night wandering around the marinas and boatyard in our area. Came across this cute little tug.

They’re working on the bridge we use to get out into the Sound. Here’s hoping they don’t ever close it permanently. It certainly appears that the bridge is on it’s last legs sometimes.

NJ 11th Bday

We played hookey from school one day this week and had Mama/Daughter Day at the Zoo.

Willawong Station had an aviary full of budgies and cockatiels where you could feed seedsticks to the birds.

Boats By The Side Of The Road

I’ve been surprised at the number of times people have abandoned boats underneath our bridge. They tie ’em off at the stern onto the concrete posts and drive out from underneath them. The county has been good about getting them hauled off reasonably promptly, but it’s another frustrating waste of our taxpayer dollars!

Odd Gymnasium Events


Yes, folks, Jamie finds yet another entertaining way to spend an evening. As if Ice Motorcycle Racing weren’t enough, let’s hear it for DONKEY BASKETBALL!!!! WOOOoooOOt! It’s a fundraiser for the senior class and includes many of the elementary school teachers as well. It was rather funny watching Stewb’s math teacher astride his mighty donkey.

This is what that whole “try everything once” theory I’ve always subscribed to will get you. As a boat varnishing vixen, I was relieved to see that the donkeys were wearing little rubber booties to protect the finish on the floor. I would have cried if I had to watch the glossy polish get chipped into bits…