Archive | April, 2007

Always Something To Look At

Major debris in the river this week. This monster kept getting stuck under ‘s Gehts (our old boat) and was thoroughly wedged under there when low tide came. To give you an idea of length, the boat that it’s underneath is 50′ long. All the poking and prodding our neighbor did with the pole was to no avail. That log was heavy!

This log wins the Grand Prize for the longest one ever seen in the river by the dockmaster in his 17 years. The picture actually only shows about half of the log ~ even my wide-angle lens couldn’t capture the whole thing. The primary reason Greg was able to wander out there was not really his uncanny ability to balance ~ it was that the other half was wedged in the mud on the riverbank and wasn’t moving at all.

It took several tides before we saw the last of that one ~ quite the challenge for it to actually get past us and down the river.

The gray whales have been seen feeding off of Priest Point this last week. The weather and my work schedule haven’t made it possible to get out there and look for them, unfortunately.

Boats in the Wrong Place

Dominion used to be moored in the Snohomish River, where everyone crossing on the US2 trestle could see her. We always craned our necks for a glimpse. Then one day a few months back, she was gone.

I had it from a close friend that she had been sold and was gone to Alaska for good.

Imagine my surprise when I came across her during a bit of a prowl around the docks in Ballard. There she sits. Now I’m wondering what the real story is…