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Hypothermia, anyone?

Nit’s Campfire group was scheduled to go camping yesterday and to the Water Park today. Camping got cancelled due to inclement weather, so when we awoke this morning to pouring rain and a projected 63 degree high, I figured that surely they wouldn’t drag children out to splash around in that…

But I figured wrong. The group was on it’s way at 9 this morning. Nity and I gracefully bowed out, opting to drink hot cider and read books while snuggled up under our blankets instead. It was definitely a wise choice, one we haven’t regretted at all.

We did manage to get out for some fun the other night roller skating. I didn’t participate; usually I’m the fun mom who’s right there with the kids, doing whatever they want, but I didn’t think I could justify a fall to the twins’ parents. Such responsibility carrying other peoples’ children! Kids had fun, but we were all ready to hit the rack when it was over at 11..

Evening Chores

I go out at high tide every evening now to wash down the boat, particularly the decks. Keeps the wood swollen, so that it doesn’t pull away from the poly-something-something caulk stuff. Which basically prevents leaks when it rains. Which is a good thing, as a few of the leaks are above Nit’s bed. Which she definitely does NOT appreciate. Which I then have to hear about. Loudly.

And I’ve discovered an added bonus…we seem to be in the middle of some stupid spider hatching frenzy and they’re all over the damn boat. So this gives me the opportunity to wash them all overboard, thus fulfilling my maternal duty to my spider-fearing firstborn.

I also find that it keeps me in touch with my Katherine Jane To Do List (ah, need to touch up that spot…oh, should do something about that too…that sort of thing). I guess the more I’m looking and touching and checking her out, the more on top of the maintenance I can stay.

Plus it’s just so nice and peaceful out there at sunset…

Starry, Starry Night

Just went up on top deck to watch the stars for a moment or two, hoping I could catch the remnants of the Perseids. How completely lovely! I didn’t catch any falling stars, but the simple pleasure was watching the high rippled clouds form and then dissipate. There was a critter splashing about in the river ~ I couldn’t tell what it was. I could feel the motion of the tide that’s imperceptible from inside the salon. It was like being invisible and alone up there.

Then I realized that I won’t ever be alone as long as I’m on my ship. The sense of KJ’s personality and the way I’ve come to love her is very comforting. I think I’m babbling though, so I’ll head off to bed now. I’m just very happy with this water-based existence. I never imagined that I would live on a boat, but I can’t imagine landlubbing it again.

This is a shot from earlier today of Nity in her nest. Yes, she has two bunks, but her preference is to make big piles of blankets and pillows to snuggle down into. She’s got a great escape hatch from her stateroom to the deck and obviously I was up on deck when I took this from above.

Prepare To Repel Boarders

The kids had a marvelous time with Claire over last night. Considering I have slept for days now (apparently growing two babies is much more tiring than just one ~ well, that plus the fact that I’m 10 years older this time around!), it was nice to be awake for a little while. The kids taught Claire how to fire the slingshots in case of pirate attack ~ always a useful skill. We wandered off to the park for just a bit and generally had a great time. Now it’s just the kids and I, kicking back and relaxing. Nit painted my toenails & I think we’ll be crashing early. The otters are out and about tonight, squeaking loudly. Darn tough to get a picture of the little buggers! I have several shots of ripples in the water…

Destination: Hell (with a view)

I finally have a buddy in my club! For years I’ve been the only person I know whose family firmly believes I am going to hell and have no qualms saying so. I’ve never been quite certain as to their reasoning (and who made them The Deciders, anyway?). I don’t smoke, do drugs, kick puppies. I volunteer for Search and Rescue, help my little town with Clean-Up Day and other civic projects, and my children are well-behaved and intelligent. I’ll admit I have occasional poor taste in men, as evidenced by recent events, but that hardly seems reason to condemn me.

Nonetheless, I am in possession of a letter from my own grandmother stating that I am destined for the netherworld (but she loves me anyway, as she is quick to point out). I have never for a moment claimed that my family was anything resembling normal.

Well, a dear friend of mine was joking with his 12 y/o son about the movie Caddyshack and the Baby Ruth scene. As he and his family were on their way to a waterpark, it evidently struck his wife as inappropriate and she, in all seriousness, informed him that he was going to hell.

His response? “Yep, I already have my cabin reserved on The Lake Of Fire.”

Love that man.