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Evidently, turning the barge around had something to do with working on the pilings at the shoreline? That was my guess anyway, as I left the boat the other morning. Not sure if it was removal or install (well, I suppose you would need something to drive them in with if it was an install…anybody see anything in the photo that looks like a pile driver? Or whatever they call it?). But it was cheerful to see the guys getting busy on a project, looking all tough and salty in their skullcaps and flannel shirts.

The little tug in the foreground is my dockmaster’s toy, Pine. I haven’t seen it go out yet, but apparently they’ve taken it out on overnights. It has a little forward berth, but apparently you have to watch your sleeves, as the engine (belts and all) is exposed and right next to everything. Cute little thing though.


One of the magnificent things about being in the third trimester with twins is that no one questions your need to retire at 7:30 in the evening to your comfy, warm bunk, snuggled up with bunches of pillows, in order to read Seafaring Lore & Legend: A Miscellany of Maritime Myth, Superstition, Fable, and Fact. I suppose no one really questions it most of the time actually, but it always feels just a bit indulgent to ignore chores in favor of getting lost in a good book.

So I’m off to explore fabled lands, legendary voyages, and sea quests of old for the evening. I promise to come back and share with you anything particularly enlightening. It may be a tome I need to add to the ship’s library.

And While We’re On The Topic…

…of things going by…this is what I awoke to the other morning. I really think that living aboard has made me more sensitive to noises, even more so than having children did (sorry, kids, but it’s true ~ yes, I still always got up with you in the middle of the night when you needed me!!). It’s a hyper-alertness that I don’t think can be turned off. Maybe it has to do with fear of the ship sinking, who knows? But when I heard an unusual engine noise the other morning, I was instantly up and looking around. I love the traffic on this river…

Always Something To Look At

Not really sure why they needed to turn the barge around, but hey, it was fun to watch. Barefoot from the top deck. Because I didn’t have time to put shoes on, that’s why. When there’s stuff going on, one must seize the camera and the moment. Sometimes that means sacrificing those silly little creature comforts. Like shoes. In December.

Brawl In My Belly

Yes, they look all sweet and innocent in this photo ~ the little girl is top left and the boy is lower right. (Her nose is distorted; it’s not nearly that bulbous) But they were just taking a momentary breather from kicking the sh** out of other. It *might* have been the energy drink I had just before we arrived (hey, the tech suggested something spicy or sweet to wake them up and get them active for the 3D ultrasound ~ I took it one better and made it caffeinated). But they were punching and kicking each other fiercely, each striving for total world domination. Martial arts experts in the making, although our girl exhibited some wrestling take-down moves which impressed me too.

They’re both pretty cute actually (not that you can necessarily tell it from the one photo ~ I do have 50 more for your viewing pleasure) and it was fascinating to watch them jockey for pole position. These last 10 weeks will be interesting as they step up in their respective weight classes…