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Tall Ships

Spent a rainy afternoon in Tacoma last weekend for the Tall Ship Festival

Interior of Bounty which was used in filming “Mutiny on the Bounty” years ago.

Lady Washington, of course. She’s just lovely.

We enjoyed all the boats, right up until the moment we were standing on Bounty and B got a call that one of his boats was having some minor trouble and off we went to save the day. It was an abbreviated visit, but still worth poking around and looking.

No More Leaky Decks!

At least that’s the idea. Apparently, KJ’s seams have been an issue for a long time, as it was one of the first things ABC asked me about when I put her back in their bareboat fleet. Poor Natalie and I have had both had drips on our heads in the night, especially during a rain after a dry spell. Not my most favorite way to wake up. In fact, it’s one of the few times I curse at my darling boat.

So having Captain B by my side to guide me, we began the process of ripping out the seams, pounding fresh cotton in (they haven’t used oakum in this boat), and recaulking her. Somewhere along the line, I got the idea that it was a terribly difficult and expensive job. Really, it’s not that hard, just laborious and time-consuming. And I still have more time than money, so off we go.

And as always, I leave the precision work to the captain. She’ll be nice and tight again soon!