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Back To The Big City

We are permanent Seattle-ites! Though we’ve been down here for a few months, it was always on a temporary basis and I kept my moorage in Everett. But life pushes you in new directions (some people more frequently than others!) and it’s evident that this is where we need to be on many levels. Running six pack charters out of Lake Union is a much more likely scenario than up in Everett and this cuts Brock’s commute to nothing. Literally, some days. There are times he never leaves the dock except by water. And it makes me happy to make his life easier and happier in every way.

WBF 2008

Yes, it was amazing. Yes, I’m very tired. And already well on to the next adventure. But just so it doesn’t get lost in the dust, here are a few pictures.

Our view from KJ’s bow

Some really fantastic brightwork

We got some kayaking in with the Portland Boyz

Towed Admirable up from the Hiram M Chittenden Locks to Port Townsend via Marrowstone Passage. They’re a human-powered boat. It would have been a very long row…