Archive | December, 2008

Christmas Ship Time

Brock and I went out for his annual family trip to listen to the Christmas ship choir, after the big family gathering all day (longer than I expected, but a good time).

It’s snowing tonight and bitterly cold at work ~ I took today off for the festivities and was extremely grateful to not have to be on the tarmac.

‘Tis The Season

for the Argosy Christmas Ship Festival again. I walked down to the Ballard Locks to meet up with Brock the other night (a nice little 3.5+ mile stroll) and enjoy the choir. We then wandered over to Golden Gardens for the next show and a bonfire. His job really doesn’t suck.

NJ and I hung out at the library for a bit the other evening before her choir concert. The concert was fantastic and I love that she’s such a great singer.

Rarely do I get sick. This one totally kicked my butt. I’ve been nearly unconscious in bed for 60+ hours with a 101-102 degree fever. It started the day after Thanksgiving when I went zero to bronchitis overnight. Woke up with tight chest pain and a deep cough. I won’t go into the details of the gory rattling chest gunk ~ seriously, you don’t want to know. Even as a paramedic all those years ago, the one thing I found hard to handle was sputum. Give me brains, guts, blood, trauma, you name it. Just not lungs coughing up gunk like that.

Anyway, today the fever broke and I’m down to a mere raging sore throat. Which feels like a bonus at this point. I’m still weak as a kitten, but Brock has (any surprise here?) been taking wonderful care of me the whole time. He even put lights up on the boat. When I have the energy to go outside, I’ll get a picture for you.