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My Newest Luxury

Hot AND cold running water on my aft deck. I waved my Magic Brock at the project and *poof* there it was.

He initially tried to convince me that cold would be adequate. So I had to explain about the sense of luxury and being spoiled that comes with things that are just a bit above-and-beyond average. I’ve coveted a hot external spigot ever since the days of Carolyn, Dodie, and Julie’s beach house on Camano Island. And I finally have one!

It was truly decadent the other day when I was washing the salt off the boat (per the great Rebecca Wittman, salt crystals = thousands of tiny heat guns reflecting the suns rays onto your varnish) and there was warm water rinsing over my toes. Mmmmm, pleasure!

We are at the Wooden Boat Festival in Port Townsend.

Best comment so far?
“Is she steel?”

Takes all kinds. That being said, she’s getting tons of positive attention for the captain’s intense attention to detail. Rather rewarding and ego-gratifying. Lots of fun this weekend.

I think the most surreal moment was when I went down to my stateroom and found a guy taking a picture of my bed. That felt…umm, odd. Then a few moments later, we were up to 5 guys and 2 girls in my bedroom – a new personal record, definitely.

M/V Sea Comber

Recognize her? Yep – that’s our KJ in her previous incarnation as a charter vessel in Alaska, prior to having her masts cut down. I was going through old documents today, as I’m putting together her history. It’s fun to look at the differences ~ the 2 Zodiacs up top, the enclosure on the aft deck, obviously the masts (ooh, I wish they hadn’t cut those down – I can just envision a crow’s nest up top for my cozy spot. Even SB thought that would be fun!).