Archive | February 26, 2011

Busting a Myth About Living On A Boat

OK, people, this picture? It was taken OUTSIDE of the boat.
Inside the boat, we are cozy and toasty warm. I think the most common observation from landlubbers about living onboard in the winter is “Wow, that must be really cold, being on a boat this time of year.” I get that surprisingly frequently.
We don’t actually live on a 22 foot Bayliner with a cuddy cabin. People who live on their boats have sources of comfortable heat in varying forms.
Granted, when I was battling the diesel furnace in the pre-Brock times, it got cold onboard. But then, I suspect a house would too, if the furnace weren’t working.
I generally keep it at 70-72 degrees in the salon, 68 in the staterooms. I even have the hot tub on the upper deck. I am at least as warm as you are living in your house.
I may be crazy on some levels, but I demand my physical creature comforts. This life is really, really good – no suffering required!