Archive | October, 2008

Rainbow Bridge coming through La Conner. We had the banner up, so it was advertising through town all the way. KJ always gets so much attention wherever she goes.

Now we’re cruising through Padilla Bay. We’re headed for Sucia Island tonight (can I consider this my float plan? If we never return, start your search there, OK?). We’ll goof off there for a few days; I really want to see Patos and Matia as well. We may just take the dinghy around the area once we have KJ settled.

It’s a gorgeous blue sky day up here. I love that about the San Juans ~ always just a bit nicer weather than anywhere else around.

Stayed in Crescent Harbor last night, just east of Oak Harbor. It was a blustery evening, winds out of the NW 20-30 kts. On the way up, Brock napped a bit. Isn’t he adorable?

Day Two

Good Time III followed us into the Locks yesterday and there was much banter between the two boats (a lot of “Don’t hit your boss’ boat. No pressure” stuff from Brock to their cap). It’s always fun interacting with the Argosy boats while we’re out.

We’re in the Swinomish Channel now, but sketchy connection may prevent upload. I’ll try short posts, I guess…

Care To Come With Us?

At least for a little while. We still have access to Internet service for now, so I’ll take you along.

We passed an old trawler getting pushed up the Ship Canal. I was having a bit of a challenge figuring out what exactly was coming at us until Brock pointed out that it was backwards.

The captain can’t stop working, of course, but luckily I have little Honey-Do lists to keep him entertained. Changing out spark plugs in the dinghy is always a good quick task.

We are now through the Locks and headed northbound. I need to go put on my Navigateur Hat and figure out where we’re headed first.

We’re on VACATION!

Leaving in the morning

The Captain and I are headed north to the San Juan Islands tomorrow for 9 days. It will be just the two of us, which should be a lot of fun. It seems that all of our trips turn into big parties, as KJ is so conducive to having guests along. Which is wonderful and I’ve loved all of our outings with family and friends ~ but still, it will be nice to float at anchor, explore the little islands, and see if we can find the orca pods, just together as a couple.

Mmmm, life is good.