Archive | September, 2007

Feeling Spoiled

Ahhhhh…it’s the little things that make such a difference in life. A friend of mine was visiting this weekend and I managed to talk him into a few minor projects, one of which was installing this lovely programmable thermostat. I no longer wake up to a cold boat and run shivering up the stairs to crank the heat and then race back down to hide under the covers while KJ warms up a bit. Rather, the heat comes on at 6:00 am and by the time I get up, KJ is nice and toasty. She automatically adjusts for the time I’m gone and I came home to a cozy boat as well. In the evening, heat goes off, which clues me in that it’s time to snuggle up and read for a while before drifting off to sleep in the coolness.

Such decadent luxury!!

Burial At Sea

Our dockmaster passed away after a long illness recently and tonight, I took his wife and a friend out in the dinghy to scatter his remains in the river here. It was rather informal, but the sunset was beautiful and the waters calm. Rest in peace, Barry ~ you are missed here.

Other Fun Hobbies

A buddy of mine is off to play this weekend ~ I was so envious watching the convoy get ready at the boat launch! Nothing like a sexy boat with weapons aboard to get a girl’s heart pounding…

Ground Wire

That’s all it was, just a silly little ground wire for the igniter thing. It had frayed down to just a thread, but with a new connection, Ta-Da! Heater is working and the salon is up to 56 degrees already this morning. (It was 52 when I turned the heater on a little while ago)

Thank you for all the concern out there ~ I appreciate that all of you are suffering along with me (though perhaps not on quite the same scale…) through these trials and tribulations! I’m feeling so perky about the whole heater thing that I think I’ll tackle a small tear in the settee. I’ll post pictures if I’m successful and I’ll pretend I never wrote this post if I’m not. Deal? OK.