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It’s that Haulout Time Of Year

Katherine Jane Out of the Water

So we get out the four sling device (less than that and we would risk squishing KJ’s great bulk) and haul my darling up and out onto the hard. It’s funny, I remember clearly how utterly nerve-wracking and intense this was the first time. Now it’s much more relaxed & feels like a “normal” event, although still exciting. Brock thinks it’s mostly exciting because there aren’t any bad spots that will rack our bill up into the 10s of thousands.I appreciate that too, but mostly I fall hopelessly in love with her all over again when I see her curves and beautiful lines.

Getting the perspective is one of the fun mind-twisting things. I usually consider our anchor quite beefy and tough, esp when compared to most anchors on boats around here. And yet when I look at it in relation to the entire boat, it looks more like a little Tinker-toy anchor. Wouldn’t want one any smaller, that’s for certain!

Great tools make all the difference. We’re working with some good sanders and it is going quickly. Speaking of which, I need to get my butt back out there and up on the scaffolding! Can’t wait until the After pictures are ready – she’s so pretty then!