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It’s confirmed! A boy and a girl ~ just exactly what we wanted, because as many times as I told R that there was no return policy on these two items, I still think he would have tried! Both are perfectly healthy and active.

I do have a confession to make. When R and I were at Disneyland the other day, I completely disregarded all of the “Expectant mothers should not ride” signs. I’m not terribly huge at 5 months and I’ll be damned if anyone’s going to keep me off of the roller coaster! Anyway, R was comfortable with it too and everybody had a blast, including the twins, I’m sure. I did skip the ride that shoots you straight up in the air and drops you back down, as it looked a bit extreme. I managed to talk R into Splash Mountain, against his better judgment. Of course we ended up in the front 2 seats (I tried to talk him into taking the very front, but no dice). I haven’t laughed so hard in ages ~ I almost couldn’t breathe, R’s commentary was so hilarious.

*sigh* The weather here truly sucks and it’s awfully hard to come back from great vacations…the kids and I are in the middle of a hardcore Monopoly game though, and that’s been fun. I can’t believe what brutal little robber barons I’ve raised…

Palm Springs

No, I’m not there anymore. Yes, I’m extremely bummed about it. Damn, it was fun!

The Immediate Solution

What to do when you have intermittent, unreliable heat?

Go to Palm Springs – it’s working for me!

Not Quite There

But much warmer in the meantime. For comfort reasons as I continue to track down what’s up with the diesel heat (I’m pretty sure there’s air getting into the fuel line ~ I just don’t know where), I picked up a couple of electric oil-filled radiators and a cute little electric fireplace. The photo doesn’t really do it justice, as it’s quite adorable with it’s little “3D flame.” Hauled out one of the huge wicker chairs that always took up way too much space and put this little guy there instead. Really makes the salon seem larger and less cluttered, so I’m happy with it.

Plus it’s actually warm and toasty throughout the boat. I did have the main breaker on dock kick off twice last night until I figured out which blower I couldn’t use and what heat settings were the max ~ such are the travails of having only 30 amp service. But still, I’m happy to be comfortable again ~ it’s much easier to think in a clear-headed fashion when you’re not semi-hypothermic.