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KJ Underway

This summer, while KJ was out on charter, we received several shots from local photographers of her underway. Those are always so nice to have & impossible to get yourself. These two are from Alasdair Turner.

Thanks to all who sent them along to us!

Oddly Shaped Boat Mattresses


· They’re not particularly comfortable. Or pretty. I’m not saying you should let humans sleep on them if they’re looking for a good night’s sleep.

But just maybe:

your dog needs a luxe, vinyl covered mattress set

your kid wants to launch things from his fort and needs a crash pad or two

you need a bunch of foam for some crafty project

you have other ideas for two ugly, cracked, vinyl covered foam mattresses that measure 84″L x 30″W x 6″ deep

Please come get them; I’m sure they’re perfect for what you have in mind, as long as it’s not restful slumber.

Location: Westlake

· it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

I love Craigslist. These went within a couple of hours. Please, people, come get my unwanted things so I don’t have to haul them to the dump. Best part is that they’re being recycled into outdoor cushions by a crafty local lady. And we’re trying some new configurations that promise to be much more comfortable for our guests.

**********NOTE: The new beds are waaaayyy more comfy. Excellent call on getting rid of the old ones!