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Christmas Post

I’m so far behind on posting now that I am going to simply wipe the slate clean with a couple of slide shows and start with good intentions for the New Year. This was Christmas at the Gilman’s, my in-laws-to-be. Brock’s mom had the marvelous idea of getting a bunch of foam dart guns, boomerangs, and other aerial toys. We raced to the park as soon as we opened it.

Only to discover that being raised as an only child was detrimental to my sense of “fair play” or whatever they were trying to call it. Apparently, you’re supposed to shoot below the neck.

My killer instincts told me to shoot for the face. What can I say?

William Garden

I was honored today to receive a response to a note I sent to Bill Garden, the designer of this boat. I had written a couple months ago, with a few pictures of KJ as she is now. She was designed in 1952; Bill is in his 90’s now. He very kindly wrote back to me, remembering the boat as “a good husky boat and well built.” He last saw her about 50 years ago in Newport Beach.

The handwritten note will definitely be framed and hanging in the wheelhouse.

Ho Ho Ho

It was an evening of great local things and people. The Christmas Ships were at the Hiram M. Chittendam Locks. Brock and I have our little “couple traditions” for this show, which always includes a peanut butter & chocolate milkshake from Totem House for him.
One of our local favorites, the 173 foot Feadship Ice Bear was coming back in. She typically resides in Lake Union alongside Daedalus, Boeing’s corporate yacht. It looked as though they’d been out for a while, as there was soot above the genny exhaust. As Brock said, they usually wash those boats fairly often and well, so it was a giveaway that she’d been underway for a while.

One of our favorite lock operators was on duty too, so it was good to see him.

A good night really, which we needed. After my dear friend Asa died last week, it’s been hard to get much into the holiday spirit. He was a regular reader of the blog (checking up on me, as he called it) and it’s very sad to write a post I know he won’t read.

The Water Situation Update

So we re-filled to 27+ inches last Sunday. From what we know about the tanks (through hearsay only), that means 800 gallons. We’re at 16 1/2 inches after one week. We’ve been conservative on water, but not drastically so. I’ve modified my dish-washing habits. Brock has shortened his showers. Even S2b took a radically brief shower by his standards.

Things are still quite frozen around here. This photo of Snoqualmie Falls was on King 5 today.
Cliff Mass thinks it’ll be warming up by Monday evening, so hopefully we will be able to fill up in the next few days. I never bet on the weather though, so we’ll continue our conservative measures until we actually get water turned back on.
Looking at the Tank Tender closely for the first time, either our two water tanks are nothing near square or the person who wrote the measurements on the wall was really bad at math.
3/4 full should equal 20.25 inches, not 16 1/2
1/2 should be 13.5, not 11
1/4 should be 6.75, not 5 1/2
Given how far off they were on the fuel tanks, I’m thinking I should just crawl in and take some measurements of the water tanks. Or better yet, I can send my Magic Brock in…On the other hand, we’ve made it this long without needing to know. Perhaps we’ll just continue with our rough figures. Yeah, that sounds reasonable for now.