Archive | December, 2009

Thank you, my boating community

Because Katherine Jane now has the recommended $12 water timer which limits the amount of city water that can possibly come onboard. And because he is always thinking of my comfort, Brock has the water pump on as backup, so if we reach that magic gallon-o-meter number while I’m in the shower, I’ll have backup so that I can finish shaving my legs.

There was the moon coming up over the lake tonight. Reminding me just why I love being onboard.

And the ships are all decorated for the holidays. Golden Eagle is a local boat, done up really well. Probably time to start thinking about some decorations for Miss KJ.
***UPDATE*** And wouldn’t you know it…less than 24 hours after we get our new toy, they turn off the water to the docks because of freezing temperatures, so now we have no city water! The unfortunate part is that we had originally had 27 inches of water (800 gallons), but with the water pump on, when they turned off the city water, we were back-feeding the system. Which left us with only 19 inches of water. Still enough for quite a while, but we’re being aware of our usage during this freeze. Brock is restricted to Navy showers. Mine are already short enough that I’m not on restriction. I’m very efficient. Stewbie? Yeah, you’re on restriction, kid.