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Packing a bunch of fun in 2 days…as usual

We really know how to enjoy our days off:

The raccoon who invited himself aboard
The gorgeous sunshine and sunset on Monday
Docking Katherine Jane in the heart of downtown Seattle
Shopping at the Pike Place Market for dinner
Quiet anchorages in Blakely Harbor and Eagle Harbor
Watching the Inauguration at anchor – WOW!
Taking the boat away from the dock myself
Navigating by instrument in zero visibility fog

Katherine Jane goes downtown

Out and about on a gorgeous sunny day ~ we picked up some folks in downtown Seattle and headed out to Blake Island. Brock says I can’t blog all day and that I must go out and play in the sunshine now. Gotta go!

Project UW Students

Katherine Jane now has her very own UW students working on an Official Business Plan! We were honored by Kiel and Ryan’s choice of M/V Katherine Jane Vintage Yacht Charters as their project this semester in John Castle’s class on entrepreneurship. One of my favorite people from a networking group, Betsy Talbot, hooked us up ~ we’re off and running.

It’s really been fun sitting down with these guys and brainstorming ideas, sharing thoughts. Good to think about the business side of things as we head into 2009 and great to come up with new marketing angles! Sometimes as the winter drags on, it can be hard to look ahead to marketing for the summer months. This was just what I needed to get me jazzed up again!

Flooding again

Only this time, KJ and I are completely unaffected.

Mom and G Sr. didn’t get so lucky. This is their non-floating dock out at the lake. It’s under about 5″ of water currently. You can almost see the walkway and the grass between the steps and the dock. If you know what you’re looking for, anyway.

Imagine the luxurious nonchalance I felt when I stepped off the boat and thought “Hmmm, the lake level is up an inch or so” because the length of the step had changed slightly.

It’s a far cry from debris flying past or whacking us in the river. KJ is happier with the current situation. She told me so.