Archive | May, 2009

The “After” Pictures

I’m kicking myself for not taking the before pictures, but I think the amount of crap that *isn’t* going back down there speaks for itself. All of this ended up at the dump.

We hung the toolbox on the wall, supported from underneath. That alone freed up a huge amount of floor space. Everything else now has a place. The garbage is gone and we only have things we need and use. It may not look like much to those who have garages, but for being on a boat, it’s not bad. Brock is even contemplating a small workbench now that there’s so much room. I still have some cleaning to do, maybe even a little painting. But it was definitely a productive weekend.

A Most Wonderful Day

This may be a slightly enigmatic post for some, but for the closer friends and family who know of some of the challenges we go through, I just want to say ~ It’s done. Finally over. Brock has had a bit of a hassle for the past little while, but it’s now OVER. And all I can say is hurrah ~ the smiles will be even more frequent for both of us.

To celebrate, we spent a marvelous night at the Edgewater Hotel, taking long, indulgent showers, jumping on the bed, watching the Discovery Channel (really cool for people without cable), eating too much chocolate, and generally being goofy.

Then we came home and I suggested we undertake a long-postponed project.

We’re going through the lazarette, the equivalent of completely emptying your garage, sweeping it out and only putting back the things you use. I love decluttering…but this project may take us a few days. I’m excited to show you some pictures of the optimized outcome ~ we’ve already made BIG progress. I’ve actually never gone through the whole laz onboard Katherine Jane, so who knows what all we’ll find?