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Diver Down 2 – The Testosterone Sequel

I’m not saying that they thought I might be incompetent…I’m not saying that they thought a Boy could do it better than a Girl…I’m just saying that they sent Industrial Strength Dean down as a second diver to get the bar and that they both figured Dean would find it easily.

Yeah, no.

I’m not sure if I was hoping he would find it or that he wouldn’t find it. But anyway, he didn’t. And I wasn’t too bummed ~ I suppose I felt a little bit vindicated.

Meanwhile, we spent the $10 for a new galvanized bar which will do the trick just fine. Although there is a part of me that now starts to wonder “Where the heck DID that thing go? It must be down there somewhere…” and I want to go down and look again.

I think I’m just going to let it go and move on.

Diver Down

…but not successful. I dove under the boat today looking for the bar we lost. I guess my Pollyanna brain expected a nice, flat, perhaps slightly mucky surface with nothing on it other than my bar, lying there in plain sight, waiting for me to triumphantly return it to the world above.

Yeah. Like we’re the only people to have ever lost something off the docks.

There were resin deck chairs, car batteries, razor wire spools, a log that was at least 6 feet in diameter (I couldn’t see either end – it was huge), pallets and wood debris, a log rolling pike pole thing, and my “sunken treasure” (pictured here).

I’ve never found sunken treasure before, although Brock assures me that if I dive around docks where a lot of catering events occur, I’m likely to find vast amounts of it. Evidently a whole cart went over one year with plates, silverware, etc.

On the third try, I did try stirring the bottom to see if I could find the bar by feel. Not a good move. One tiny movement and the entire world around me became a green cloud with zero visibility, rather than the whopping 10′ of viz I was enjoying before that. At that point I decided to call it a day. Damn, but it was kinda fun being back in the water!