Archive | June 22, 2008

Crazy Kids

This was our evening out on the water last night ~ lovely skyline, great sunset, just a marvelous time really. It was a bit of a whim; when I got home from work, I simply suggested “Hey, let’s take the boat out.” My childrens’ only concern? “Will we have internet access?”

One can only hope that they’ll look back with fond memories, whether or not they know it now! I suppose that’s true of all children, isn’t it?

Natalie was a true blue helper again, assisting me in cleaning off the roof above the aft deck. It gets all these weird black spots on it ~ I don’t think it’s mildew, but I have no clue what it actually might be. It needs to be wiped down regularly and is rather tedious, so I was glad of her help.

And of course, Dread Pirate. This time I sunk Stewbie, but it wasn’t my fault. He attacked me in a skirmish first ~ I just happened to win…