Archive | June 11, 2008

The Kid Update

NJ was my brave girl today ~ she had her stitches removed from a mole excision of 2 weeks ago. All was well, but it still wasn’t the most fun she’s ever had.

I also went out and caught up with the twins to see how they are doing. They’ve grown so much since I last saw them (almost 2 months ago); it was amazing. They’re smiling and giggling now, which is adorable. Little Jamie and I had a very breathy conversation, cooing at each other.

Bentley slept most of the time I was there, but was an angel when he was awake. Very sweet and good little babies.

And SB, although not pictured here, is doing just fine. Both the kids will be on the boat with me in Seattle next week while their dad recovers from a hip replacement (yes, he’s only 44, much too young for that type of thing, but what can ya do?).