Archive | May, 2007

Back From Provo

This one was from our drive up around Sundance and on through Midway, Guardsman Pass (near Park City) and back down near Brighton and Alta ski areas. Our rental car didn’t have 4WD; we’ll probably have to remedy that situation next time, as I prefer Roads Less Traveled And Rarely Paved for my adventuring.

Greg was teaching down there and we had an absolutely marvelous time. The group let me participate as well, which was just too much fun. And I think the most striking thing about traveling for me now, as a boat-dweller, is the enormity of a king-size bed. It’s decadent beyond belief.

We also got to visit an actual Cabela’s retail store in Lehi. That was cool too. Especially the aquarium. Thanks, Dave, for showing us around the town! Backwards, even. That was the best tour-guiding ever…

Everett Marina

Dinner down at the marina ~ lovely evening last week. Although it appears that Scuttlebutts will be dropping off the list of favorite places to go. The food is just a tad too much on the greasy side for taste, although the Blonde ale is delish…

Busy month coming up for us. Will try to keep you posted as we go!

Disc Golf

The kids and I played a round of disc golf this week at our local course. It’s a good time, mostly in laughing at each other’s wild shots (esp. mine). I managed 3 double bogeys, 3 bogeys, and 3 par holes ~ assuming they’re all par 3, which no one seems to really know. We went with that as our basic assumption anyway. Carolyn, just for you, a photo of the “hole.”

Happy Mother’s Day

…to our resident Canada geese, as well! I counted at least six new little goslings this week.