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The Big Day Arrives

It’s really just the first of many looming Big Days, but…She’s officially ours! All minor snarls out of the way, we now are the owners of Katherine Jane. Which means we really need to get on track with everything that has to happen before the move onboard. The current plan is to bring her down to Steamboat Slough this coming weekend.

We almost went up to Anacortes and actually see her today, but luckily Greg remembered that Natalie has her first volleyball practice this evening. I’ll attach a photo of that later if I get a chance.

I’m feeling somewhat better after 2 days of bedrest and a chiropractic visit this morning. I threw my back out on Sunday and realized how incredibly valuable the simple ability to MOVE really is. On the other hand, bedrest has meant some serious quality snuggling time with the kiddos, so there’s always that silver lining. Plus the kids got to see how a chiropractor works (they thought it was pretty cool that he gets paid for twisting people into pretzels and jumping on them).


Due to paperwork details, we are now looking at Monday for taking possession of KJ. *sigh* I was all ready to spend the weekend sorting out galley details aboard, but I guess there are some things which can’t be helped.

Instead I think I will spend the time scanning multitudes of documents – PAPERLESS EXISTENCE AWAITS US! Have new laptop, will travel. Greg and I are optimistic about being able to be mostly digital and are practicing scanning all stray pieces of paper that are floating around. Ha! We’ll see how things go…

Faith in “The System” – Shattered

So how does a parent explain to a 12 y/o boy that adults can be trusted, that he is in competent hands, that the school system is safe and secure, when for the first two days of the week, the school bus blows by his stop at 35 mph with nary a glance at either him or his father standing on the curb? “No, really, Stewbie, the bus driver will get you home safely this afternoon…” Riiiiiight, says the kid. And balks at ever getting on a school bus again.

I suppose the part when I mentioned the Dumpster for Leftover Kids at the Bus Garage was ill-advised…? Even though I mentioned that the Good Moms go and sort through it to get their kids back?

First Day of School

Fifth Grade!

Seventh Grade – aka First Year of Middle School!