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And Other Reasons I Can’t Live Without Him

Found a bad plank in the bow; it was basically disintegrating, as they all do after enough time. Luckily it hadn’t got to any of the other planks around it. That is, of course, because Brock constantly has eyes open for every piece of wood on this entire boat.

Before I knew it…Bad wood out, new 2 1/2″ fir back in place. He pounded in cotton, followed by filling the seam with 5200. Now we’ll let it weather for a few days. That may allow it to blend in a bit (although nothing like 57 years of use!) and then we’ll seal it back up.

Just another day in the life of owning a wooden beauty.

Obsessive behavior

New toys can completely occupy an afternoon.

These are My Brock’s eyes.

This is the Space Needle from the boat…WITHOUT A TRIPOD! Not perfect, but a good bit better than I could have achieved with the old camera.

Brock wanted to play with ghost pictures. Although the Lumix really is just a point-and-shoot (no ability to adjust aperture, exposure, etc.), it has some fun modes that will allow me to accomplish most of what I want to do. Yay!

Random thoughts and pics

This is the first submarine I’ve ever seen in the Puget Sound area. Navy Unit 42, I believe it was, listening to VHF 16.

Took this one as we ran around downtown today. We first stopped at the Fisheries Supply swap meet and found 50′ of Katherine Jane sized dock line for $15. SCORE!

Then we made a stop at Captain’s Nautical Supplies – OMG, heaven on earth! They have everything I’ve ever wanted, I think. Books and charts and globes and charts and telescopes and sextants and charts and did I mention the charts-on-demand that they can custom print? Wow. Drool city. We did pick up a splicing manual.

Then we went and replaced my camera. Finally! The old one went TU quite some time ago and I’ve been meaning to get around to it. I’ve been borrowing a co-workers for the interim, but really needed to return it to her. So we went and picked up a Panasonic Lumix ZS1. Considered lower-end models, but comparing them all side by side (and taking the same pic so we really had apples to apples), there was no doubt that this one was worth it. I’ve had Perma-Grin on my face all day since then (would you like to see my macro pictures of Brock’s shoelaces? I didn’t think so…). He’s splicing lines (cussing just a little – left-hand strand over the first strand, under then center strand and over the right-hand strand…but where’s the first strand? Isn’t that the left-hand strand in a three strand line? He’ll get it, I’m sure) and I’m reading camera manuals.

That, and the Huskies beat USC! Does it get any better than this for a quiet Saturday afternoon?