And Other Reasons I Can’t Live Without Him

Found a bad plank in the bow; it was basically disintegrating, as they all do after enough time. Luckily it hadn’t got to any of the other planks around it. That is, of course, because Brock constantly has eyes open for every piece of wood on this entire boat.

Before I knew it…Bad wood out, new 2 1/2″ fir back in place. He pounded in cotton, followed by filling the seam with 5200. Now we’ll let it weather for a few days. That may allow it to blend in a bit (although nothing like 57 years of use!) and then we’ll seal it back up.

Just another day in the life of owning a wooden beauty.

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  1. rob
    September 22, 2009 at 6:54 am #

    Great Job! yet again :o)) good man.