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Spirit of Washington Dinner Train

We actually did this two weeks ago for Sunday brunch; I figured we’d see a lot more at brunch than we would during dinner in the dark. The Spirit of Washington is the Northwest’s only dinner train operating year round. The three and a quarter hour, 44 mile round trip journey departs from the Renton depot and travels along the east side of Lake Washington to the Columbia Winery in Woodinville. The round-trip excursion includes a three-course gourmet meal and a 45-minute stop at the winery to visit the cellar and sample their wines. Or goof off, as the case may be. The track they operate over belongs to the Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad and is used in freight service six days a week.

Though Natalie was not thrilled at first by the table settings (3 forks and linens = much too fancy), the kids had a great time. TK Root Beer and blueberry pancakes made everything just fine.

Washington’s Columbia winery was established in 1962 and produces Cabernets, Merlots, and the new varietals Syrah and Cabernet Franc. The winery occupies a magnificent Victorian style building in the countryside in Woodinville. They feature a tasting room, gift shop and a banquet room for meetings and seminars.

At the tender ages of 10 and 13, the kids were quite unimpressed by the winery itself; playing in the gardens held much more appeal.

The kids made a point of waving at all the cars in the intersections; most people waved back.

The Wilburton trestle in Bellevue is the longest wooden trestle in the Northwest. It measures 102 feet in height and is 975 feet long. It was constructed in 1891. It was pretty cool to be in the open air car while going over the trestle. Overall, the train was a great way to spend an afternoon!

Nancy’s Greatest

I love these photos that Nance took on our various trips.

Random Photos

Another derelict we found interesting just up the Snohomish River. Yay, Greg! Thanks for the thumb drive which now allows me to retrieve some stuff off of the old computer!

We swapped photos with Nancy and Carolyn last night. This one was from the trip over New Year’s. While it was gorgeous weather, it wasn’t what you would call warm.

Other Parts Of Our Trip

We took the Amtrak Cascades train from Everett to BC this past weekend. Yeah, you know the song: We Are The Scenery.

(Far left) This is what the lovely Katherine Jane looks like to all of those passengers staring out the window twice a day as the train goes by our marina. Minus aforementioned singing and dancing crew.

Our Birthday Girl turned 90 this year! Hasn’t slowed her down a bit ~ celebration of her birthday was the reason we headed to Canada for yet another Norwegian family adventure.

Julie modeled hats for us wherever she went. Good thing the conductor didn’t catch her, eh?

After months of cozying up in our bunk on KJ, the king size bed felt positively decadent. Such ridiculous amounts of space!

I’ve always rather fancied hawks as my “totem animal,” but I’m beginning to wonder if there’s a new spirit animal in my life recently…can’t seem to get rid of the buggers, even when away from the boat!