Archive | January, 2010

Noises At Night

That whole thing with the hyper-alert hearing onboard? Very helpful. I woke up from a solid sleep last night to the water pump running. It shouldn’t generally go on at night – we’re not using any water, so the pressure should remain the same in the tank. Occasionally if it’s on the edge of the correct pressure, it will cycle through once and that doesn’t always wake me up.

But last night it awakened me and then continued to run. My Magic Brock came in handy again – I just nudged him and muttered that the water pump had been running for a long time. So he hopped out of bed and headed out to the dock to figure out that the bottom of the water timer had blown off and we were draining all of our water from our tanks back onto the dock.
I suppose that’s what you might expect from a plastic device, but it’s frustrating just the same. I’m wondering if I should look for a heavier duty one, but didn’t see anything when we were originally looking that would make me think it was tougher than the rest.