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Almost Famous

Remember when the Team Hydrus guys were on board last year and Discovery Channel did some filming from Katherine Jane? It’s time:

Shark After DarkThursday, August 6 at 9 p.m. ET/PT
Sharks are most aggressive and most active in the dark, but the fact is, we know very little else about the nocturnal nature of these creatures. Now, armed with the latest in infrared thermography cameras and night vision technology, a team of divers travels around the world, and descends into the sharks dangerous after-dark hunting grounds. Their goal is to learn more about how Great Whites, Six-Gills, and Tiger Sharks behave after the sun goes down.

I have absolutely no idea if KJ even made it into the final edit, but all of the Six-Gill filming was done with her as the home base. So I’m hoping there’s a decent chance that we’ll at least get glimpses of her on the show that night. Can’t wait to see!

Sunday Afternoon & a Can of Worms

I think I’ve mentioned my propensity for beginning projects on Sunday afternoons. It’s the whole long, dark teatime of the soul or whatever fever it is that grips me as the weekend winds down to an end and I find myself craving “progress” in some form or another.

Well, I’ve had a fantastic little idea about the upper aft deck and some glass railings to cut the wind so that you can sit up there more comfortably more frequently. It is one of my very favorite spots on the boat and from our dock we have a 360 degree view of the downtown skyline, the Space Needle, Lake Union, etc. Pretty breathtaking & I’d really like to enjoy it as often as possible.

Brock and I have been kicking it around for a few weeks, thinking through the design, etc. And we’ve known for a while that there is probably a little bit of rot around the corner edges on that deck, due to less than ideal drainage systems for the deck. Even Greg told me when we first bought KJ, the whole idea is to get water OFF the boat, quickly and efficiently. But the drains get plugged easily up there and if you don’t attend to it, there will be standing water in the corners.

Any guesses how frequently I checked those spots over the winter when I was pregnant with the twins? Mmm-hmm. Not once. Now you’re with me. So it’s at least partly my own fault.

So Brock took a screwdriver and began poking around, unscrewing a board, looking underneath. Huh. Who knew mold was such a pretty yellow?

And now we’re tearing into the corner with more vigor than we had hoped to need. Brock is really a great wood-boat guy, but even he admitted that when he was overseeing the refit of M/V Kirkland, all he had to do was say “I want that part replaced.” And voila, it would be done. We’re not exactly rolling in money right now with his crazy-litigious ex-wife & her absurd alimony needs (she convinced the court she was entirely too pathetic to work full-time, she isn’t worth more than minimum wage, and they agreed, which is sad, but is also another story). So all work? It’ll have to be done by us.

Meanwhile, I smell hot wood and hear power tools, so I shall go investigate. This is just part of the deal when owning a wood boat, no?

Mrs. Brock, Indeed

The Captain asked me to marry him this week. I, of course, wholeheartedly accepted. Not much more to add without getting the blog seriously goopy (bliss, bliss, bliss, love, snuggles, happiness, dreams, plans, more bliss).

There really are Happily Ever Afters. We’ll just leave it at that.

A few days in the San Juans with my family. All I can say is that I hope when I’m 88 years old, I’m as agile as my Grandma getting up and down the ladder into the dinghy.

That is one tough lady to whom I’m related!