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C Section Cancelled

Baby boy has flipped around (I’d say it was yesterday morning at 9:00 when there was a serious party going on in my belly) and is now head down. On ultrasound today, numbers were (drum roll, please):

Baby Girl: 7 lb 3 oz
Baby Boy: 6 lb 14 oz

No wonder it’s so umcomfortable in there! We have officially surpassed 14 lbs of baby with no end in sight as far as I can tell.

Currently waiting to hear from the doctor on what the plan is (induction? How about now? NOW is good)

Aren’t Twins Supposed To Come Early? – 3d short of 38w

Sorry, gang ~ I totally owe you an update. I’ve got an excellent reason for the lack of news, however. I have been cleaning and scrubbing and painting in preparation for the first charter of the year, with the help of a magnificent crew of friends (Thanks, you guys ~ I totally could not do this without you!!!!).

Of course the timing is mind-boggling inconvenient (I have to be off the boat exactly one week after the C section on Thursday morning), but I’m thrilled that these folks want her and for several trips this year. KJ will be hanging out in “sharky waters” ~ you can check this group out at Team Hydrus. If you get to their program flyer (pdf download), there are several pics of our girl on there. These guys take people cage diving at night to photograph six-gill sharks in the south Puget Sound waters.

So my week has consisted of overdoing it on a daily basis, as all personal things need to be off the boat before she goes out. Luckily, I am not a cluttery person and don’t have much to get out of here. Meanwhile, I’m having contractions, but they’re not regular and not doing much of anything useful. The twins are huge and very active, so we’ve got healthy babies as far as I can tell.

Countdown continues; less than 3 days now.

Napping Like A Kitty (One Day Shy of 37 Weeks)

Not a small kitty, of course. Rather a large tawny lioness? Be kind, folks…

If reincarnation is an option, I would like to volunteer to come back as somebody’s very spoiled kitty cat (my friends J & K have the home at the top of my list to choose). As it was, I took the opportunity with the gorgeous weather we’ve had this week to lounge about on the top aft deck. Mmmm, snuggled up in the sunshine is a very good thing.

No signs of any action at all on the belly front. Off to the doctor today.

Distraction Helps – 36 1/2 weeks

So the kids and I worked on building dams in their dad’s backyard pond today. Then releasing them and following the water down the ditch.

Had a minor freakout moment earlier today when I realized that this pregnancy will be over one way or another by next Thurs, as we have a C-section scheduled then (38 weeks). Suddenly occurred to me that “hey, this is probably going to hurt a bit.” Ah well, I guess we all knew that, didn’t we?

Now I’m choking down a hot & spicy pickled sausage in the hopes that we can get this show on the road. No, I would never buy one for myself. Yes, I have the most helpful friends in the world. They only want the best for me.

Gack. Wish I hadn’t read the ingredient label. But desperate times call for desperate measures…