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Play One, Work One

There he goes again…dismantling my helm. This week’s project is two-fold. He’s mounting the remote auto-pilot to the station on the flying bridge. We’ve found that it’s the only place it gets used, so the wires will now be hidden and it will be secured in a safe dry place. It’s really the most useful for the rudder angle indicator also, so when we’re docking, it’s readily in sight.

Secondly, he’s adding a jog-stick, also to the flying bridge. Rather than spinning the wheel sixteen times (which will still be an option, of course, just not mandatory), there will simply be an electronic button to push to move the rudder left or right. Again, simplifies docking so that even a Jamie can do it!

Which beings us to my interior projects for the day. I’ve been touching up some paint, but am stumped when it comes to these cracks. They’re from the boat moving underway and are probably inevitable, but I’d like to control them as much as possible. So I need help, people (Rob, Tana, Tim ~ I’m counting on you guys!). Do I sand and repaint the wood? Caulk? Tape? Help!

Attacked By Bison

No, seriously.

And yaks.

And zebras.

The elk…did I mention the elk?

This week’s adventure took us to Olympic Game Farm in Sequim. Though SB was initially reluctant (he’s 15; really, what else would I expect?), we all piled into the car early this morning and headed out on the ferry. Turns out the early start was a good move, because by our second round through the park (and 6 loaves of bread later), the animals were significantly less hungry than on our first round, in which we were one of the first cars. The yaks were actually mellow the whole time and were definitely my favorite. The bison? More like aggressive panhandlers. And their tongues? Truly amazing. Very rough and dry on the top, but extremely slimy on the bottom (Brock told me I “had to” grab one. Not one to back down from a challenge…yeah, you know). We all ended up laughing so hard we could barely breathe..and SB conceded that he had a great time.

I’m working back at a medical clinic now, which is banker’s hours and feels a little strange. But having the structure of predictable weekends is kinda cool because Brock and I make a point of having at least one adventure every time. I’ve been working on a list of everything I’ve always wanted to do in the Puget Sound area and now that I have the best playmate ever, we’re getting them done!


The Most West-Northwestest Piece of the US

Cape Flattery is the farthest northwest point of the contiguous United States. It is in Clallam County, Washington, where the Strait of Juan de Fuca empties into the Pacific Ocean. It is also part of the Makah Reservation, and is the northern boundary of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Cape Flattery can be reached from a short hike, most of which is boardwalked. The westernmost point in the contiguous United States is at Cape Alava, south of Cape Flattery in Olympic National Park. However, the westernmost tip of Cape Flattery is almost exactly as far west as Cape Alava.

The Cape Flattery Lighthouse is on Tatoosh Island, just off the cape. Makah Bay and Neah Bay are on either side of the cape. Neah Bay, Washington is the closest town to the cape.

It’s a great little trail down to the lookouts and the boardwalks are fantastic. Brock and I both needed a day away after a somewhat stressful week, so this was really good connection time.

And on the way, I found my dream house. If I were ever to move back to a land-based existence, it would have to be here. Not huge by any standards, but just perched out on it’s own tiny peninsula. I fell in love instantly.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Came home to a table full of Love from Brock tonight. Nity made me an awesome Valentine too. Luckiest girl in the world, that’s me!

We went for a little dinghy ride around the lake earlier today and saw one of my favorite boats out there, Argonaut II. She’s one of the nicest kept wooden boats out here. It was particularly good to catch a glimpse of her hull. I’ve been thinking about changing KJ’s hull on the next haulout. I love the dark green look, but it’s a major change. We’re playing around with pictures of her to see how she would look. I’m really liking the idea so far.