Attacked By Bison

No, seriously.

And yaks.

And zebras.

The elk…did I mention the elk?

This week’s adventure took us to Olympic Game Farm in Sequim. Though SB was initially reluctant (he’s 15; really, what else would I expect?), we all piled into the car early this morning and headed out on the ferry. Turns out the early start was a good move, because by our second round through the park (and 6 loaves of bread later), the animals were significantly less hungry than on our first round, in which we were one of the first cars. The yaks were actually mellow the whole time and were definitely my favorite. The bison? More like aggressive panhandlers. And their tongues? Truly amazing. Very rough and dry on the top, but extremely slimy on the bottom (Brock told me I “had to” grab one. Not one to back down from a challenge…yeah, you know). We all ended up laughing so hard we could barely breathe..and SB conceded that he had a great time.

I’m working back at a medical clinic now, which is banker’s hours and feels a little strange. But having the structure of predictable weekends is kinda cool because Brock and I make a point of having at least one adventure every time. I’ve been working on a list of everything I’ve always wanted to do in the Puget Sound area and now that I have the best playmate ever, we’re getting them done!


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  1. rob
    February 23, 2009 at 9:22 am #

    Short story for you (true) We decided to open the park at christmas so we needed publicity. sooo I dressed up a Father christmas and wandered into the giraffe enclosure having invited the national press to view! The FC outfit had weak elastic on the beard so the wardrobe department fitted heavy elastic to it so it wouldn`t slip ????? I placed a carat in my mouth and walked over to the big male Giraffe, the cameras got ready the giraffe head came down and licked me straight across the face (a really slobbery wet lick)and then he took the carat from my mouth and part of my beard( with the strengthened elastic) and nearly lifted me off my feet, by my neck. It seemed like an eternity before the bead fibre gave away and the fully extended elastic and bits of beard, shot back to give me a bloody nose. The photos that were taken of course didn`t show the initial taking of the carat only the giraffe trying to lift me off the ground by my extended beard elastic. Ho hum! I would kill for a copy of that photo!:o))

  2. rob
    February 22, 2009 at 5:08 am #

    Fabulous! so glad you have found an idel “Playmate! that is so important in life isn`t it,you will live to two hundred years of age ,juging by all the laughter you are getting :o)).