The Most West-Northwestest Piece of the US

Cape Flattery is the farthest northwest point of the contiguous United States. It is in Clallam County, Washington, where the Strait of Juan de Fuca empties into the Pacific Ocean. It is also part of the Makah Reservation, and is the northern boundary of the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary. Cape Flattery can be reached from a short hike, most of which is boardwalked. The westernmost point in the contiguous United States is at Cape Alava, south of Cape Flattery in Olympic National Park. However, the westernmost tip of Cape Flattery is almost exactly as far west as Cape Alava.

The Cape Flattery Lighthouse is on Tatoosh Island, just off the cape. Makah Bay and Neah Bay are on either side of the cape. Neah Bay, Washington is the closest town to the cape.

It’s a great little trail down to the lookouts and the boardwalks are fantastic. Brock and I both needed a day away after a somewhat stressful week, so this was really good connection time.

And on the way, I found my dream house. If I were ever to move back to a land-based existence, it would have to be here. Not huge by any standards, but just perched out on it’s own tiny peninsula. I fell in love instantly.

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  1. rob
    February 17, 2009 at 2:34 am #

    Wow!!!! envy, envy, envy! House maybe not so great when the weather is bad and the snow is around. Just think about having to clear out the “Latrines” and collect the water? maintain the generator, no more fill up and pump out or the shiny handle that flushes it all out of site? :o)).Your places have such lovely names. over here it is “sharp point” or “fowlers bottom” who want to think about them. No I prefer your place names!:o))What a lovely way to spend a day!