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This Wasn’t Me Either

Planes bump on ground at SeaTac

Can I say that there have been times when I’ve been standing on the tarmac and thought “I’m surprised these things even get off the ground with all the monkeys operating the equipment around here?”

Or would that be politically unwise?

She’s BAAaaaack!!!!

Our favorite girl with homes on both sides of the pond has taken up writing again!

Let’s get a shout-out for Toe In The Thames!

Welcome back, darling ~ it’ll be good to read your rants once again ~
Much love, J

Birthday celebrations

It had all sorts of good stuff.

Pirate Dice.

The sail Nate made for his Chinese junk as a project for school.

NJ and Clark working on learning “Teardrops On My Guitar.”

Brock entertaining himself as always. It’s so cute when he thinks he’s that funny. Sometimes he actually is that funny. But not this time. Still, it doesn’t slow him down!

This is the hat I wore on Christmas. But for my birthday, I broke out the Emergency Supply Kit tiara and wore it all night. Got a lot of strange looks ~ these people need a sense of humor. Still, it made me smile and isn’t that the whole point anyway?

No, This Wasn’t Me

I had nothing to do with this incident (I’ve been asked a few times in the past few days). It seems likely that the spray just got too close to the intake vent. We’re supposed to avoid that. Sometimes the pilot will turn that off during de-icing, but usually not.

De-icer fumes sicken airline passengers

Would it be wrong to call them wusses? I am bathed in the stuff, coated in the spray from head to toe…you hear me whining?

Wimps. That’s all I have to say.