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Connectivity Returns

You would think I had lost an actual body part by the phantom pains I’ve had while my laptop has been in the shop. I think I was actually more excited to bring the laptop home yesterday than I was to bring my children home from the hospital (no offense, kids ~ I think SB will understand that sentiment anyway). It’s been a grueling 3+ weeks without regular email, Facebook, all the things that keep us connected in this busy world. I wasn’t even able to download pictures from my camera. All better now.

We took SB and his buddy snowboarding a few weeks ago.

The four of us hit the water last weekend in double kayaks and wandered around our little lake. NJ had fun, SB and Brock could take it or leave it. Guess my girl and I will be renting one on our own next time! I really do want a double for KJ. Charter guests would probably love to have one onboard (although the lack of a swim step will make it a little challenging to try and enter from the big boat) and I think it would be great to go play when my girlfriends drop by, etc. Going to search Craigslist, I think…

We had snow while we were underway from Poulsbo to home a couple weekends ago. We cut the trip a little short, given the forecast of 35 mph+ winds. The barometer had plummeted for the entire afternoon and we scooted out of there pretty early that Sunday morning to avoid any adventures in getting back into our slip.

There’s a bit of sun out today and I am just happy as can be to have my toy back!

No Laptop…continued

My screen went dark 2+ weeks ago and I’ve been living without regular computer access since it went into the shop (under warranty, luckily). It was a novel experiment at first ~ can a girl who is completely addicted to her immediate Internet gratification survive without email, news, etc?

The answer is No. It’s starting to really take it’s toll and these 2 minute sessions on random other computers just doesn’t do it. So to everyone I love (or who even rates on the Fond Of list), I’m sorry I’m so out of touch right now.

We will return to our regularly scheduled programming as soon as the laptop is all better.

Spent last night in Port Madison, lovely little anchorage at the north end of Bainbridge Island. It’s blowing and gusty and nasty out, but we’re completely cozy and comfortable. We passed a sailboat in Agate Passage and my only thought was to compare him in his foulweather gear to me in my jammies. I think I like powerboats awfully well in inclement weather!

We just tried to anchor in Poulsbo, but even with a depth of 5 feet (and who can’t anchor in 5 feet? Honestly!), the flukes refused to bite. We even let out 75′ of anchor chain and still bounced the stupid anchor along the bottom. When we pulled it up, there was that classic slick clay-mud of the Northwest falling off in chunks. Just the slipperiest stuff ever.

We headed into the Poulsbo marina to check dock availability, but couldn’t raise anyone on the radio or phone. The slips all looked to be 40′ anyway, which won’t do for our 58′ girl. Alas, looks like we won’t be calling Liberty Bay one of our favorites.

So we’re off to Manzanita Bay, I think. Anchored there a couple of years ago and it was nice. Plus we know the bottom holds. Pics another day. My laptop has been in the shop, so posting is more difficult for now.