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2008, Here We Come!

Have spent the last few days being spoiled out at the lake by my mom. I don’t think I lifted a finger once on my birthday (38, for those who are curious). Kids went sledding, managed to avoid flying into the lake. The snow precluded taking a trip on KJ as I had considered. I figured that pregnant AND freezing rain AND slippery decks probably bordered on reckless. But the weather is looking up…

…And tomorrow brings another big KJ adventure, complete with opportunities for hyperventilation on my part…but I know I can do this! And it’s sooooooo worth it ~ things like this just don’t come along every day! If I have Internet service, I will post an update tomorrow night. And if we’re all drowned at the bottom of Puget Sound or humiliatingly rescued by the Coast Guard, I won’t. (OK, maybe if we’re rescued.)

A Rainy Morning

It could have been worse ~ I could have let it affect my mood. But I didn’t; despite the nasty weather and the flat tire I discovered on my way to my doctor’s appt, I have been in a fabulous mood all day. I think it’s about brightening other people’s days when they’re a little cranky too.

I did consider changing the tire myself, quite seriously. After all, I do carry a full size tire iron and a real jack (not the cheesy little one that comes with most vehicles). This is what I used to DO, every day, on vehicles much larger than the BMW. Changing a tire on a full size Suburban was always a full body effort for me, just man-handling the huge tire from underneath the vehicle. Surely this was no big deal…

But good judgment prevailed and I called AAA. The tow driver was a bit cranky when he showed up too and I apologized for dragging him out in the pouring rain for this. When we opened the trunk and he saw all the lockout tools I also carry, he did grin and ask “So…break into a lot of cars, do you?” I told him that I’m much more used to being the rescuER rather than the rescuEE and we got along splendidly from there.

Only a bit late to the appt and Dr. was quite pleased with how good I am at the whole Being Pregnant thing. He says the babies are really a great size (90th percentile) and I’m doing very well. I started to negotiate how soon we could be done with the whole process (we don’t have to go to 38.5 weeks, do we??? How’s 37? Can we talk about 37?), but he didn’t let me get far with that ~ it was just a “wait and see” kind of thing. Apparently I’m going to have to come up with something dramatic to get out of those last few weeks….hmmmm….

Christmas Ships

Four years and counting til your new home, babe. It’ll be perfect for your filthy housekeeping. “Upper middle class?” You were never anything but white trash; he elevated you beyond what you deserved. Enjoy the slide back down to where you’ve always belonged.


Had a lovely time with the Stewball last night, cruising around Mercer Island on the Argosy ships. Nity stayed home, so it was just the two of us, along with our friends.

For those of you following along on the baby front, current stats are as follows:
Girl: 2 lb 12 oz
Boy: 2 lb 11 oz
Fundal height: 38 cm, which makes me as large as I would be at full term if there was only one little person in there. No wonder it’s starting to get uncomfortable!
Everything looks great ~ blood pressure, minimal weight gain, no edema. Apparently I make a fantastic brood mare. I’m a little grumpy this week, but that’s probably not out of line given the demands on my body!

Visited By Teammates

I love my Search and Rescue buddies ~ how cool is it to have two hovercraft pull up to your boat to visit? The swiftwater team was out training last night and make a quick stop alongside to say hello.

Today is quite blustery and I’m going to have to make adjustments to my aft door. It’s not windproof at all, having a hinge all the way down the middle, through which wind blows quite readily. Will be working on that…