2008, Here We Come!

Have spent the last few days being spoiled out at the lake by my mom. I don’t think I lifted a finger once on my birthday (38, for those who are curious). Kids went sledding, managed to avoid flying into the lake. The snow precluded taking a trip on KJ as I had considered. I figured that pregnant AND freezing rain AND slippery decks probably bordered on reckless. But the weather is looking up…

…And tomorrow brings another big KJ adventure, complete with opportunities for hyperventilation on my part…but I know I can do this! And it’s sooooooo worth it ~ things like this just don’t come along every day! If I have Internet service, I will post an update tomorrow night. And if we’re all drowned at the bottom of Puget Sound or humiliatingly rescued by the Coast Guard, I won’t. (OK, maybe if we’re rescued.)

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