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Messing About With Other People’s Boats

Made a little extra this past weekend, delivering two boats from Gig Harbor to Blaine (practically Tana’s territory! If we had more time we would definitely have stopped by). One was a 37′ Fairliner, the other a 36′ Chris Craft. Both had minor issues (tranny, etc), but we were able to tow the Chris with the Fairliner. Well, until we ran out of fuel 7 miles from the destination marina. Then we towed the Fairliner with the Chris. An impressive feat by the captain when you consider that boat only had one working engine. Getting into the marina was tricky, but Brock pulled it off with his usual aplomb. Brock’s brother came along for entertainment (his? ours? both, really).

It turned out to be rather useful to have the three of us. I took this photo from the Fairliner as Brock and Clark manuevered the Chris Craft from her slip.

Anybody catch the significance there? Three of us. Two on the other boat. That means…

…I drove a boat all by my Big Girl self. Took it away from the dock, hung out while they got underway, motored around a bit. All. By. Myself.

I was only quaking in my booties a little bit.

My Man, Papa Smurf

Brock has been helping a friend sand the bottom of his sailboat (always good to line up the favors for when we have to haul KJ out this year). Apparently, they’re having quite the time of it ~ 5 sanders, PPA masks, tents in the rain. Sounds like such a good time, I think I’ll go check it out today. Luckily, I hurt my wrist on Friday and won’t be able to participate in the heavy duty work ~ mine will be more of a cheerleader role.

He’s so cute in blue!

Update: It’s a Sweden 41 that he’s working on with Dean and the guys.

I was a good girl for them and made the lunch run so they didn’t have to quit working. It looks like very hard work with those sanders up above their heads.

Must be love, as I find him completely irresistible even in this get-up. Somebody’s gonna get a hot-oil massage tonight for his sore shoulders!

Dock Pets

Walking down the dock as we came home from the ocean yesterday, Brock heard a noise & turned around to find this guy:

Large beaver, totally unconcerned with us, just hanging out by the lake edge. I do miss the harbor seals that I had in the slough, but between this guy and the kingfisher that lands on the rail next to us every morning, I still have some wildlife around. And they’re better than domesticated pets any day! Self-sufficient is good…