Archive | May, 2011

Galley update

So our second fridge died a while back and we’ve been contemplating what we would replace it with. It didn’t seem necessary to put another fridge in, as we get by quite well with a single small one. I find that I’m more aware of everything that’s in there and frequently clean it out and wipe it down since it’s not a big undertaking.

This is the hole we’re going to be filling. Choosing our appliances was very much based on size – and I mean to the 1/2 inch. There was one that claimed to be 17-1/2 inches on one website, while the same model was described as 18-1/2 on another website. That’s an important difference in the boat world!
I am so spoiled; I don’t think Brock sees the value of an ice maker quite like I do. It’s a bit about the luxury for me (like the hot water on the aft deck spigot). No, it’s not absolutely necessary to have for survival…but wouldn’t it be nice to have ice in the glass when you’re out at anchor in the Gulf Islands? We do fill the coolers before we go and there is a full size chest freezer in the lazarette, so it’s not as though I’m particularly deprived or incapable of acquiring more ice. But it’s just a lovely little touch of luxury. He does agree that it is a nice touch for charter clients (which is how I get my way on many of the over-the-top features for KJ) and I think he likes the aspect of being able to top off the coolers when we’re out fishing (like next weekend!!).
It really is all about “flourishing” for me, not just surviving. Easy to do when you live on a small scale. I find ways to do it when backpacking and I’ve found ways to do it living in the modest footprint of a boat.

And then there’s my itty bitty dishwasher which I am ridiculously excited about. It claims to do four place settings, but I’m pretty good at Tetris-style problems. I’m happy that it will use less water for the dishes; I have never been able to train myself to do the fill the sink, then rinse thing. The water is basically always on when I’m washing, so this will minimize our usage of that resource. Plus the super hot water (130F wash, 264F rinse at the intense cycle) is sure to sterilize things – not every day, but every once in a while.

So the power tools are going this morning and the sawdust is flying. I love this stuff!