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Imagine My Surprise…

…when Brock handed me this month’s issue of Sea magazine, opened to page 29. There, in full color, is a photo of my darling KJ, with this accompanying information (the fact that she is designed by Bill Garden is the only correct fact in the entire thing):

“William Garden-designed Katherine Jane. Photo courtesy of Brooke & Phomia Pierson. Built of carvel-planked mahogany at the Stephens Brothers Shipyard in Stockton, California, this 60-footer was used as a showboat. It was purchased in 1962 by Pabst Blue Ribbon, which named the yacht Miss 102 after a favorite batch of brew. Owners Brooke and Phomia Pierson are selling the yacht (repowered in 1993 with twin Cummins diesels that output 1200 hp) in order to buy a larger vintage vessel. Potential buyers can email the couple at …”

Huh. Go figure.

I think what happened was some sloppy editing in their photo section there (there is no info for photo #2 and I suspect it all got jumbled from there). I dashed off a quick note to the editors of the magazine and will be most curious as to their response!

I guess that happens when you’re famous, eh? All sorts of misinformation begins to appear??

Post Partum Depression?

Yeah, nope, not one whit of that around here! I’ve been off playing and playing and playing since the twins were born ~ no time for blogging!

We’ve wandered to Victoria for a stay at the Empress, taken Katherine Jane to Jetty Island multiple times (the kids enjoy building bonfires out there), played at Pike Place Market and downtown Seattle, are off to see Cabaret tonight, road tripping to do some mountain biking in southern Utah soon, as well as doing the Vegas thing on that same trip…life is just too much fun! I didn’t expect to have any difficulty giving the twins to their family, but I know a lot of people thought I would. Ummm, NOT!!

It really does help to have an exciting new love in my life (especially after a rather challenging 2007!) and I’m just happier than I ever imagined. So if I’m not blogging as much, just know that I’m off having fun ~~~ updates whenever!

KJ Out and About

One of the benefits of dating someone who works on the water every day is that he can spy on your boat when she’s out on charter…Brock spotted her while she was anchored out and took this pic by camera phone for me. It’s good to know that she’s doing well ~ I’ve managed to keep myself occupied so I’m not missing her TOO much. It is a little odd to give up your home to strangers, but if that makes it so I can keep her in the big picture, I’m absolutely willing to do it. I really like these guys and think they’re doing some really fun stuff with the six-gills. Will be good to see my baby again soon though!

On the other baby front, I talked to L again today and both of the twins have surpassed their birth weights, which is always a good marker for healthy babies. There’s that natural loss right after they’re born, which totally freaked out the new parents (despite extensive reassurance from me, the nurses, and the pediatricians). But all looks great today. Apparently little Jamie fussed all night long and both parents were up trying to manage the two little ones. When I heard that, I simply breathed a sigh of relief that they’re Not Mine and managed to squeeze back into my normal jeans. Yeah, I couldn’t button the top couple of buttons, but it hasn’t been two weeks yet and I could at least get them on my body!!


Barely having any time from this adventure to the next (getting the boat out for charter this week), I know I need to at least check in and share that everyone is healthy and doing great! So to save time in recounting all the gory details, here are some photos from the amazing past week:

Ummm, yeah. This was taken the day my water broke. Enough said. Anyone wonder why I was a wee bit grumpy by 7pm every day in the last few weeks of pregnancy? Amazingly, Brock had the patience to deal with me every single time ~ not once did he lose his cool or his compassion.

The little twerps are absolutely perfect and wonderful. I went a solid 62 hours with only 4 scattered hours of sleep (a record for me, I think) and discovered that after that length of time, you no longer believe you even need sleep. Adrenaline and Mother Nature are incredible things. Babies went home with their family on Friday at 4pm and yes, I’m doing just fine with that. Many people were worried that I would have trouble “giving them up,” but truly, they were never mine. They went home with the family to which they belonged (and honestly, having my freedom and my body back with no more sleepless nights is not a bad thing!).

My own babies came to visit in the hospital, which was very cool. SB was impressed with how little they were, but other than that, I think we’re all looking forward to some Non-Pregnant Mama.

Now it’s all about scrubbing the boat and making sure everything is ready for KJ to go out this week. The diver has already been here and inspected the hull which is in great shape and ready to go. I’m trying not to do too much and having my crew of friends here again yesterday was a huge help in accomplishing that. Must remember to rest occasionally!

Thank you for all the good wishes and love that have been sent our way!