Archive | October, 2012

Forward Quarters Layout

Years and years, I’ve been meaning to get a layout drawn to scale for KJ. I’ve never actually done it due to wanting it to be perfect. I could spend hours and days straightening the lines, adding color, making the details more seamless. OR, as an alternative, I can just get it done. I finally decided that an imperfect layout is better than none at all. So I have the forward quarters done at least. I tried to do it all on one page, but the Habitrail nature of the front half of the boat made that awfully complicated when drawn on small scale. I decided to divvy it up instead. I guess I can console myself with the fact that I can always go back and make it perfect sometime when I don’t have anything else to do. But then I just laugh at myself, knowing that day will never come. I resolve to add this to the Good Enough file in my brain. At least it’s done!