Whitecaps on Lake Union

Normally, Lake Union is quite placid. It’s reasonably protected and rarely sees much wave action. Normally, KJ doesn’t move in the wind. That 66 tons holds her nice and steady.

Not today. She was rockin’ and pulling at her lines when I woke up.


We’ve had strong winds with gusts above 50 today.
This is just round one with a three-round fight with gusty winds. Another storm promises wind gusts of around 40-50 mph on Tuesday night, and then a potentially very strong wind storm looms for Thursday night and Friday morning.

In other news, the kidlets and I went to Seattle’s Central Library, since libraries are NJ’s and my favorite places on earth. SB, not so much. But he came along anyway.

Let’s just say we were not impressed. Leans toward the “modern” side of architecture, meaning sharp, angular, hard, and uncomfortable. And yes, I mean the chairs. Which are cubes made out of what looks like concrete. There are 400 computers, most of which seemed snugged right up against each other, leaving rows of people uncomfortably shoulder-to-shoulder. While the escalators were cool, they failed to make up for the overall feel of the building.

Don’t they look like they’re having fun? This is what forced death marches through the city can do for your children too!

NJ and I went to the Fremont branch later on and found it to be much more to our liking. Comfy chairs, cozy feel. That’ll definitely be our home branch.

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  1. rob
    December 30, 2008 at 2:00 am #

    The look on their faces says it all I am still laughing! tee hee! I use to love libraries and museums as a kid even at nine years old I would walk to the local science museum ( it was safe enough then) and spend hours and hours just in awe of everything. I bet my Kids have never felt the same as I did about them, it`s another world today I am afraid. thats quite a large fetch across from your boat so I guess the wind gets an oportunity ( direction dependant) to increase and hit you well? Keep safe and sleep well (maybe get some ear plugs)