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Merry Christmas To All!

The crew of Katherine Jane received a personal visit from Santa.

We had our Christmas Eve Eve celebration, as I had to work on the actual Eve and tonight as well. Had a turkey dinner underway (yes, Brock can cook AND drive the boat at the same time ~ truly, he has mad skillz).

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Ho-ho!

What does D-Ice Queen do on her day off? Shovels more snow, of course! The docks must be safe!

Brock didn’t want anyone to have to walk on some boring old straight path, so we made it more interesting. I added some Happy Holiday wishes written in red Jello for the guests. Nity and I have more red and green Jello, so we’ll go out tomorrow and really do it up right. Tonight is for building a gingerbread house.

The Ice Queen Cometh

So, yeah, there have been a few times in the last few days when I’ve wondered whose idea it was to get a job at the freakin’ airport. The blizzard conditions have certainly honed my skills in de-icing planes and I have had my share of compliments from our airlines staff about being the best they’ve ever seen. (It’s a hose, people. Point it at the plane. How tough is this? Still, it was nice to hear.)

Scores of flights cancelled at Sea-Tac
Flights into Portland cancelled due to de-icing challenges

The funniest thing that was said yesterday (I got home at 4:30 this morning, but I think it was still yesterday then ~ these 16 hour days get confusing) was when I was asked if it was “safe to fly.” I replied “Well, I’d fly in it, but then, I’m also standing in a bucket 40 feet off the tarmac with howling winds and sideways snow, so I’m not sure I’m your best judge of Good Ideas.” Seriously, it’s not my call to make. I can tell the captain what I see and he can direct me to do more if he wants to, but ultimately, it’s his call. I just do the best job I can up there and make sure the surfaces are clear.

There was one plane I had to de-ice three times. It would go out on the runway, then SeaTac would close the runway for sanding and safety. The plane would sit too long and have to come back for additional de-icing. There comes a point when you’re just quietly saying over and over in your mind “Please don’t come back, please go away and fly and don’t come back, please, please, please.” Of course I want them back if they need it, but I just hope so hard that this time they’ll make it off the ground before the holdover time expires.

These are my clothes strewn about to dry in front of the heater. It looks like this pretty much every night. We haven’t been running the washer much, as the water to the docks has been shut off for a week now due to being below freezing. We’re conserving water pretty hard. Yes, I shower. Laundry, not so much.

These are my hands after 16 hours in my gloves, which get soaked with propylene glycol (this was after I scrubbed them in the shower). They’re “waterproof” gloves. They work fairly well, but obviously, all things have their limits.

Oh yeah, I still live on a boat. Which is covered in snow and freezing rain, but is serving me well. Oh, hey, long time readers ~ I can crank the heat to 75 when I get home every night! WOOT! Heat is something for which I will always be grateful.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m pretty sure there are some travelers waiting for me to de-ice their plane so they can get out of this town…

Dispute Resolution

Plaintiff: B, the man I adore, despite the fact that he runs me over while sledding
Defendant: Me

Defendant has been, obviously, unfairly accused of turning left immediately in front of Plaintiff and throwing an elbow into Plaintiff’s nose and mouth, causing pain and suffering, if not actual bleeding. Defendant maintains that she was sledding down a hill and was essentially tackled from behind by Plaintiff. Defendant claims that she had no control over the turn she made, as she was pushed by Plaintiff and that an elbow to the face was no less than he deserved.

You, members of the jury, are instructed to watch the following video of these events and draw your own conclusions. Please leave your opinion in the comments section, as Plaintiff and Defendant are not reaching resolution on their own in this case. Oh yeah, how should we punish him? Leave that too.

Dumbass. Him, not you.

Of course I mean that lovingly.


The Informal Shot

Yeah, it’s blurry. But we sure are having a good time!

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