First Rainy Day

Yes, I was awakened by a drip of water on my head at around 3 am. And no, even that did not deter me from loving every minute of being aboard so far! According to Greg, every wood boat in the universe is going to have a drip from time to time (something about the deck planks shrinking in the summer and then swelling again when the rains come – it all sounds very reasonable when he goes on about it). I think he’s just trying to placate me, but as long as he’s willing to switch sides of the bed, that’s OK.

Dunlap Towing seems to have the market on the slough; they’re constantly moving log rafts up the river. I love watching them; it’s like a dance as they move the tug and the logs past the railroad bridge and the two Highway 529 bridges. All the bridges swing open, so they time it just perfectly to keep the train and car standstills to a minimum. The guy in the picture is amazing to watch – he leaps from tug to logs and back again as though it’s nothing.

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