Derelict Boats

One of my pastimes has been taking photos of partially sunken or grounded boats in the rivers around here. This one is actually just down the slough a short distance; we pass it whenever we take the boat in or out. I always wonder what the story is behind them; Greg takes it a little further in his fantasy ~ he’s always thinking of what it would take to make them seaworthy again. I’ll post some more of these when I get the desktop computer all synchronized with the laptop; most of my photos are still on the other machine.

On the plus side, we seem to have solved our connectivity issue with Clearwire, a new wireless Internet provider in the area. You literally just bring home their modem and plug it in ~ no software, no phone line, no cable connection, no satellite ~ and you’re connected. Which is cool, because we don’t have any of those other things. It’s pretty fast too. The question will be whether we still have a connection at low tide (it’s high now, which means we sit higher in comparison to the surrounding towers). Cross my fingers!

Lovely evening we had the other night ~ in perfect contrast to the rain pouring down tonight. Found a place we need to caulk by one of the portholes today. I think my level of Water Awareness will be acutely high from here forward in my life. I used to tease people who lay awake at night worrying about sump pumps and the like, but my perspective has broadened considerably on that sort of issue! The rain on the roof is very cozy, though, and as long as we’re mostly dry, I’m blissfully content.

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