La Petite Warrior Goddess Hike

Spent the week over in Leavenworth. Greg is getting his Wilderness EMT training there, so I went along for the trip. Fall colors were gorgeous and the salmon were running thick in the Wenatchee – if I had a net (and a license, of course), we’d have had salmon for dinner!

I went for a 9 mile solo hike up to Stuart Lake one of the days we were there. It’s been a few years since the last full-fledged “Warrior Goddess” hiking trip, so although it was exceedingly brief, I enjoyed the feeling of being in the woods on my own again. I saw a huge fuzzy kitty in the woods ~ Bobcat! The first one I’ve ever seen out there, so that was cool. Lots of tracks in the snow too ~ rabbit, bobcat, maybe elk? I hadn’t seen those tracks before, but when I looked them up later, my best guess is elk. There were no tracks but mine and the animals once I passed the Colchuck trail intersection ~ nice and remote feeling.

The trip was fun, but Greg’s still over in Leavenworth til Sunday. I’m bumming that I had to come back for work. Natalie and I will be on our own on the boat tonight, first night without the Captain. Hopefully, KJ won’t sink or anything ~ I can just imagine trying to explain that one to him!

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