Little Cousin Mike

and his lovely wife, Michelle, were in town this week and got to come play on the boat with us. He may be 6’2″, but he’ll always be my little cousin. He and his brother were the closest thing I had to brothers growing up ~ I spent summers with them in the Midwest. It was awesome seeing him again and I simply adore Michelle.

We anchored out overnight and enjoyed good wine, good food, and a few stars. Captain B provided us with a lovely cruise back into Lake Union in which we lounged on the top deck. I was ordered to kick back and relax with my family, which I gladly did. It’s a good life…

Back to sanding, painting, and varnishing now as there’s less than a week until the Wooden Boat Festival. Look for new adventures starring Kyle and the Boyz during that weekend! Plus repeat appearances by my fave crew buddy Greg and of course, Industrial Strength Dean.

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