Seriously, lady?

The nerve of some people can be quite breath-taking at times. Magic Brock and I were home for the evening, settling in, making dinner, the usual.

And Brock says “Hey, there’s a lady out there taking your palm tree.” Now, this isn’t a fancy palm tree by any means. It was just a little houseplant that I thought might be happy to be outside for the summer, surrounded by the little flowers Nity and I seeded a few weeks ago. It’s just a little pocket garden, unobtrusively placed on the shore by a girl who occasionally misses digging in the dirt and “prettifying” her world. Who would think it was in danger of being stolen?
But there she was, clearly removing it.
I am not a particularly confrontational person; in fact, I will go out of my way to avoid conflict if at all reasonable. But there is a line that you just Do. Not Cross. And clearly, my plant was on this side of that line.
I think Brock was quite surprised to see my put on my flip-flops and march out there to confront the thief. I was reasonably pleasant but firm about the whole thing; she was obviously embarrassed about being caught (I’m sure it never occurred to her that there was a possibility that a protective gardener would appear out of nowhere).
Funniest part was when she tried to claim that she was “just moving it up here because it didn’t look healthy” in it’s previous location. Fine, then why did you wrap the root ball in plastic?
All’s well that ends well and I still have my plant. Which I now have to re-plant. While my mind boggles at the audacity of people who think they can just take whatever they want.
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